Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ol' Roudy takes the stage

Hey guys quick update post. I've started work on Ol' Roudy for my Cyngar forces. Did a nice clean white base coat, a little black shading from underneith, then some cygnar blue. After that I tried an attempt at a bronze nmm on some of his metal bits but I dunno... it's not quite working for me so I might try stripping him and starting over, would be a good reason to break out that ultra sonic cleaner I salvaged from work that no one wanted.... :)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Holy Crap it's a backlog!

Hi there folks! long time no post... Got both busy and distracted for a long while, but we're back and I'l like to start posting on the regular as well again. Let's start with catching up on what I worked on while we were away!
The Bacon Army! I got to work on and painted up a bunch of my Teknes army from Wrath of Kings. Everyone got a nice base coat and I even started playing with the airbrush around now too on the Adanni Brood Warriors aka Magical Flying Murder Babies. Next up....
Kingdom Death Monster arrived and Destroyed my productivity for awhile... seriously amazing models to paint but holy crap do they demand you do a great job on painting them. I love the look I got on the storm knights cloud cloak. Moving on....
A bit more detail on the white lion from Kingdom Death Monster, ok now on a different... oh wait...
One last blast from Kingdom Death, a more finished version of the storm knight, mind you I'm not done with him yet but he's definitely much further along. Ok, now for another game!
Pulp City, some of the best models I've had the pleasure to paint! Gotta love a game that rules boil down to "Because Super Heroes!" Also started leaning a little NMM which you can see on Golden Boy Aureilus there.
And we circle back into Kingdom Death again with the Mini which I made for Tyrial from Xen of Onslaught who donated to my extra life charity stream in exchange for a painted Mini.
And we finish of this mega post with some Super Dungeon Explore Mini's painted by my Wife who just had to show up my skill at painting by doing all of these while I was working on one mini! Anyhoo that brings up up to speed and I can start posting on my new projects, like Ol' Roudy!

Till later folks!

-KM out!

Monday, June 15, 2015

The painter Returneth...

Greetings out there in internet land. Now that impending doom(Wedding) is over, I can share a few things I'd been working as well as the latest fruits of my labors.

First up is the stuff I hinted at that I couldn't share earlier, I did a series of mini's from the Discworld series for each of my Groomsmen for my wedding.

I think they turned out pretty darn well if I say so myself

Next up we have one little lady who'm I've was putting off working on for awhile but finally got around to doing and I'm very happy how she turned out, Jean Romme of the Shattered Sword Paladins for Relic Knights!

Also fast on her heals is someone who is very much still a work in progress, the Twilight Knight from Wrath of Kings... I seem to have misplaced her shield but I'm not too concerned by it's absence.

And now for the latest, it's about bloody time I got these guys painted up... the Black 13th and Stryker, Stryker especially is shameful as he's been half painted for at least a couple of years, but now he's all set.

Anyhoo that's all for now, I think I have a jack or two to finish, as well as a bunch more on the docket so we'll see how fast and furiously I can keep updating with new stuff.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Impending DOOM

So why have I not been posting lately? I'd say it'd have something to do with the IMPENDING DOOM at the end of the month... that said I have been painting and I have some new pics to post after the IMPENDING DOOM occurs...

Also have a customization project to take a Cygnar Stormclad and convert him into Headhunter from Larry Correia's Into The Storm. Now... just gotta hunt down some menoth jack heads....


Monday, March 16, 2015

Radio Silence

Hey there folks, sorry for the giant break in the posts. Between a work trip to the UK and then PAX East I didn't get a lot of time to take more pictures or post. So let me give you guys an update on the latest goings on and we'll see if we can get things back on track....

Item the first! I got shipped over to the UK for about a week shortly after the last post on the blog. Not much to say other than English pubs are awesome and they have fantastic Cider on tap, also made some new friends who treated me to authentic English food like Toad in a Hole and Rhubarb Crumble! It was fantastic!

Once I got back it was time to get prepped and ready for PAX East! I along with fanguad ( and TJL and others manned the Ninja Division booth, giving demos on Relic Knights and well as Super Dungeon Explore and their line of card games as well. I didn't get a chance to snag any pic though I'm sure you guys can find tons on the web of folks having a blast. Special shout out to Chris, John, and the rest of the Ninja Division team for making it a blast to help them run their booth!

Last but not least we now have an official league running at the Game Castle ( in Londonderry, NH. We haven't quite decided on our official day to run as an official game play day, but there are around 8+ of us in the league and more growing so shoot me a message and I'll get you added in.

That's about it for now, I've got a air compressor and airbrush coming in the mail tomarrow, and some paints following shortly there after so I'm sure that will yeild some interesting results as I learn how to use the thing :)


Friday, February 20, 2015

We're the pirates, who don't do anything!

And here's your starting lineup for the Star Nebula Corsairs! Here we have your standard full squad of corsairs. These guys are great for the points cost as they can dish out stupid amounts of damage for very little esper, and they have decent ability to armor up under an attack, however like all squads are fodder to that which is bane of all squads, forced movement off cliffs and walls. Still I tend to have them in all my army lists, especially those with Gabe in them.

For painting I did try a couple of new things, specifically I was trying to get the armor on the bandana'd corsairs to have a semi-NMM look to it rather than just going outright gold as well... they're space pirates and gold armor  just doesn't make a lot of sense. So what I ended up doing was applying a yellow/tan coat followed by washing it with brown ink and black ink. This game me on one the look I think I was shooting for, and on the other a more tarnished and stained look to his armor, which while it wasn't what I was shooting for originally, still turned out pretty nice.

Tomorrow we'll take a look at the other squad option for the corsairs, the blowhards, then move into the uniques for the army. We'll also see if I can schedule posts as I'll be out of town in the UK for most of next week but want to keep up with these posts until we reach current at the very least. Till then, keep the paint flowing!