Sunday, May 22, 2016

Holy Crap it's a backlog!

Hi there folks! long time no post... Got both busy and distracted for a long while, but we're back and I'l like to start posting on the regular as well again. Let's start with catching up on what I worked on while we were away!
The Bacon Army! I got to work on and painted up a bunch of my Teknes army from Wrath of Kings. Everyone got a nice base coat and I even started playing with the airbrush around now too on the Adanni Brood Warriors aka Magical Flying Murder Babies. Next up....
Kingdom Death Monster arrived and Destroyed my productivity for awhile... seriously amazing models to paint but holy crap do they demand you do a great job on painting them. I love the look I got on the storm knights cloud cloak. Moving on....
A bit more detail on the white lion from Kingdom Death Monster, ok now on a different... oh wait...
One last blast from Kingdom Death, a more finished version of the storm knight, mind you I'm not done with him yet but he's definitely much further along. Ok, now for another game!
Pulp City, some of the best models I've had the pleasure to paint! Gotta love a game that rules boil down to "Because Super Heroes!" Also started leaning a little NMM which you can see on Golden Boy Aureilus there.
And we circle back into Kingdom Death again with the Mini which I made for Tyrial from Xen of Onslaught who donated to my extra life charity stream in exchange for a painted Mini.
And we finish of this mega post with some Super Dungeon Explore Mini's painted by my Wife who just had to show up my skill at painting by doing all of these while I was working on one mini! Anyhoo that brings up up to speed and I can start posting on my new projects, like Ol' Roudy!

Till later folks!

-KM out!

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