Monday, February 16, 2015

His only weakness, STAIRS

And here we have Sebastian Cross and his Cypher Rook. Ahhhh.. Sebastian, I may have only played two games with you but I already love your completely broken tankiness and ability to chase shit around the board in a mind numbingly slow fashion and absorb ALL the damage.

These two got painted by the fiance' and I gotta say I was impressed with the results she got. She did up the body portions in shining silver and morrow white, then used I believe fortress grey on the foot sections for highlighting. The ribbons and cape sections we did the same way as before with Cygnar base blue and brass balls to add the metallic gold. The impressive part was the shoulders and other shielded parts that she did green, then dry brushed over with the brass balls to give it the filigree look. The only thing I might change is to try to define Sebastian's eyes a bit more and his face, but there's not a lot of space to work with there so I'm holding off for now.

Look for another post later tonight with Quill, Francis' Cypher whom I need to repair after a little show battle damage then will snap a good shot of.

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