Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Bird in hand is worth....

Better late than never, here's Quill, Francis's Cypher. Where I love the utility that Francis as a questing knight brings and the punishment he deals back when you try to nail him, Quill doesn't bring much except he's got fly and thus I can move him to generally always be in Line of Sight with Francis... well that and I push I think, but I haven't had opportunity to really use that functionality.

Paintwise, he's primarily Cygnar base blue with some morrow white on his wings and feathering. I also washed his white parts in blue ink which I rather like. I believe the orange used for his beak and feet is either Ember Orange or Heartfire. He also has a Torque on his neck which I did in brass balls and arcane blue for the gemstone. Due to a lack of good contact points I did end up having to pin him to the base but at least there was enough material to create a very decent pinning so he's not leaving this base anymore. Speaking of the base, still using the Alien Temple base from Secret Weapons Miniatures.

Next up we'll have the Purifier Squad and their leader, Isabeau.


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