Sunday, February 15, 2015

A wise old man once said....

Today's entry is Francis Mallory, Questing Knight of the Shattered Sword Paladin's. Francis is the wise old warrior of the bunch, and given how old he is in this kinda profession, you gotta watch out for his tricks, and boy does he have a bunch that make him fun to play with.

For painting I did his face with Ryn flesh, then his hair in underbelly blue. His armor is Cygnar base blue and this I washed with armor wash and a light drybrush of metalic silver to give it a metal look. the rest of his armor plates are the morrow white I've been using and also some brass balls for the other metal highlight coloring. His cape is also cygnar base blue and then highlights with cygnar blue highlight and arcane blue. 

The base I have him on is a alien temple base from Secret Weapons Miniatures.

Tomarrow, the one and only big guy himself, the mobile tank Sebastian Cross and his Cypher Rook, I'll also include a picture of Francis' cypher since I don't have a pic of him up yet either.

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