Saturday, February 14, 2015

An Ogre and a Pair-a-gon's walk into a bar...

Okie dokie folks, today we have Austrican the Ogre and a set of two Paragon's. I actually asked Chris, my fiance' to do Austrican and I did a little extra detail touch to his gem on his neck, but beyond that it's all her. The only think we might change on him later is to give him a wash with the soft body to see if we can draw out a little more detail but for now he looks fantastic.

The Paragon's... I dunno, I think they are a bit of a mix of happy and not. On one side I tried something with them where I based them white, then washed them in black wash to draw out the gaps in their armor which I'm really happy with. I then did another coat of morrow white over that to bring out the armor color and then did the highlights with cygnar base blue and brass balls. I'm not quite sure I like the coat I got on them at least in this picture however if I ever redo them it'll be once I get my hands on an airbrush and can get some nice smooth layers on them.

The bases on both are again Alien Temple bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures with a gunmetal paint for the most part and a black wash over them. Tomarrow we'll post one of my questing knights, Francis Malory.



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