Friday, February 13, 2015

Shattered Sword Paladin Painting Progress - Swordsworn

Hiya Folks! Figured it was time to formalize this mini painting thing and thus here we are. I'm starting things off with my Shattered Sword Paladin's. Here we have my Swordsworn, the meat and potatoes unit as it were for the army. These guys take a licking and keep on trucking, even for a squad. For paint I primarily used P3 paints such are morrow white, cygnar base blue, and brass balls. I also used the P3 blue ink wash to bring out the details on them a bit more. For their capes I highlighted with some arcane blue. The bases I have them on are Secret Weapons Alien Temple bases that were painted with Gun Metal for the most part then washed in a black ink to weather the look up.

I also tried to bring out a little more detail with a flesh wash on one of them but I'm not quite happy with it yet and I might try hitting them up with the soft body black Secret Weapons wash I picked up at Templecon and see if that brings out some more detail. More pics tomarrow when we show off Austrican the Ogre and the Paragons.

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